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Review Film The killers:A Girl Who Deserves To Die is a Korean film adaptation


The killers:A Girl Who Deserves To Die is a Korean film adaptation of the famous novel The Kid Deserves to Die by author Bang Ji-ho. Played by some famous Korean actors Jang Hyuk, Lee Seo-young, Bruce Khan, Bang Eun-jung, Shin Seung-hwan, Lee Seung-joon, Lee Chae-young, Choi Ki-sub, Yoo Seo-jin , Hong Seo plays -joon, Son Hyun-joo and Cha Tae-hyun. This movie has an Imdb score of 

6.6, which is great value for money for a real movie. This film formula is used quite often in practice. A retired assassin tries to live a normal life, who must then become a murderer again. However, for some reason this movie feels like watching John Wick 1, 

what sets it apart is that the dark side of John Wick doesn't exist. This 90-minute film has what John Wick doesn't. If in the movie John Wick his wife died of cancer, then in this movie there is a silhouette of his wife, and the other person does not have a dog.

This movie is actually quite promising but doesn't end well overall. Many parties feel empty, the audience is not really introduced to the background or past stories of the main characters. Indirectly, the audience comes to watch and already knows that the main character is a retired killer. No specific 

dialogue or implied scenes. Yes, just a guess. Maybe you want to keep it mysterious, but it's confusing to watch. The story is not complicated, easy to listen to. In many ways, the similarity to the first John Wick movie is close to 80%. The pacing of the story is fast, and yes, it's rife with scuffles here and there. Filled with murder scenes, admittedly, this action movie is quite enjoyable in terms of combat.

The impression after watching this movie is disappointing as it raises a question mark. The story seems more confusing otherwise this movie is only for people who read the novel. If you just want to watch action movies, nothing more and nothing less, this movie could be the answer.