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Here Are 5 Film Recommendations for World Children's Day


Portalspots.xyz -Who can't wait to celebrate International Children's Day on November 20th? These unique and fun stories can be both inspiration and entertainment for all family members, both adventurous and those looking to make a difference.Follow two friends' exciting experiences in 'Ivy + Bean', or witness the exciting outdoors in 'Back to the Outback', to explore the world in 'The Sea Beast'.

1. Ivy + Bean

Based on the book by Annie Burroughs, the film tells the story of the friendship between two children who are polar opposites.Brave and talkative Bean and quiet and wise Ivy.

At first, they don't get along, but things change when they discover that they both have interesting imaginations. Especially when Bean discovers that Ivy is gifted with magic and they work together to cast a spell on Bean's sister, so that her sister will... dance over and over again!

2. Klaus

Winner of Best Animated Feature Film at the British Film Academy Awards 2020 tells the story of a new postman in Smeerensburg, Norway, named Jesper, who is trying to befriend a toymaker, Klaus, known for being cold and aloof.

Featuring A-list actors like Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones and Joan Cusack, Klaus show how small acts of kindness can melt even the coldest of hearts. 

3. On the Moon

animated musical drama tells the story of the brilliant and intelligent Fei Fei. A life shock and encouraged by memories of his mother prompted him to invent rockets so he could fly to the moon, to prove the existence of the moon goddess Chang'e that his mother told him.

Fei Fei believes that the goddess is waiting for her true love on the moon, so she has to go through a long journey and undergo difficult preparations. “Over the Moon” also features the voices of famous actors such as John Cho, Sandra Oh, Ken Jeong, and Phillipa Soo. 

4. Back to the Outback 

A group of animals in Australia who look dangerous but actually have a good heart decide to escape from their reptile enclosure. The team, led by Maddie the Viper and consisting of the spiny lizard Zoe, the Frank spider, and the Nigel scorpion, are determined to find their true home and evade capture.

When an enemy, the Pretty Boy koala, unexpectedly joins the mission, Maddie and her friends must work together to get home safely. This animated series features several famous actors as voice actors, including Eric Bana, Guy Pearce, Tim Minchin, Isla Fisher, and even Kylie Minogue. 

5. The Sea Beast 

a time when terrible monsters inhabited oceans around the world, Monster Hunters were hailed as heroes. When a young Maisie Bumble infiltrates the ship of legendary sea monster hunter Jacob Holland, they embark on a thrilling and thrilling adventure in the unspoiled waters.

The work of director Chris Williams, who has worked on Moana and Bolt, among others, The Sea Beast takes us on an adventure to a place that has never been revealed before. What movie will you watch as a family on World Children's Day, Cilers?