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Avatar Sequel Becomes the Most Anticipated Film for Gen-Z


portalspots.xyz - It's been 13 years since director James Cameron released the movie "Avatar". So, of course, it's encouraging to know that a sequel will be released in the 

near future. The sequel to the sci-fi blockbuster that has been attracting attention since its first announcement is titled "Avatar:The way of water'. Having just released the trailer, many people, especially Avatar fans, have been looking forward to seeing it in theaters with its wide screen and high quality sound. The sequel will soon hit theaters on December 16 if there are no problems. The global community's enthusiasm for the Avatar sequel prompted 

a Fandango survey that specifically researched Gen Z's 18-22 year olds. According to him, Gen Z is eagerly waiting for the Avatar sequel to be released. Research indicates that nearly 1,000 participants said that of the latest movies released around the end of 2022, only "Avatar:The Way of Water' was the most anticipated and was chosen as the movie they could not wait to see.

This choice outweighed their enthusiasm as they waited for other films, such as Disney Animation's "Strange World", Paramount+'s "Babylon", Universal/Blumhouse's "Violent Night" and "Puss in Boots" ": Last Wish' from 

Dreamworks Animation. James Cameron as a director certainly cannot doubt his production ability, now he also hopes that the survey results can turn out to be great potential for 'Avatar:The Way of Water' topped the box office.

This takes into account that its predecessor, Avatar, is officially the highest-grossing film of all time with a staggering US$2.905 billion. Cameron recently said that if the Avatar sequels underperform at the box office, he 

will shelve the entire series once Avatar 3 completes a major filming milestone ahead of its May 20 release date. 12 year 2024.Of course, that's not a good thing, as fan excitement is high with the news that the Avatar movie is slated to have an upcoming sequel.

Given that Gen Z audiences will be in their teens when Avatar is released in 2009, there's probably a strong moment of nostalgia in welcoming 'Avatar:The way of water'. Watch Sam Worthington return as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri, a 

couple with three children now.The story of this sequel will take place a decade after the events that happened in the movie Avatar. In 'Avatar':In The Way of Water', Jake and Neytiri are forced to leave their rainforest for Pandora's ocean to help protect their family in the event of a threat. So 'Avatar:Can The Way of the Water succeed with Gen Z when it hits theaters next December?